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Lithium Motorcycle Battery | LFP12B-4 | Power Lithium

$210.00 incl. GST

  • 12.8 Volts
  • 400 CCAs
  • 8 AH
  • Length    mm
  • Width    mm
  • Height   mm
  • Terminal Height  mm
  • 24 Months Warranty


BRAND: Power Lithium Motorcycle

LFP12B-4 – 8AH 400CCAs Power Lithium Motorcycle Battery

Power Lithium-Ion Polymer Motorcycle Batteries are extremely lightweight batteries designed for starting applications and are completely dry battery making them spill-proof and leak-proof. You have to pick one up for yourself to truly understand how light they actually are compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.

They are truly amazing.

A normal lead-acid motorcycle battery is designed to last for 200 – 300 cycles, whereas Power Lithium Batteries are designed to last for over 1000 cycles (more than 10 Years design life). In addition, they can sit unused for over a year without losing charge and can also be charged extremely quickly without damaging the battery.

Unlike many other lithium batteries, Power Lithium Batteries are made using lithium construction making them not only safe to use, but also boasts higher CCA (cold cranking amps), better cyclic properties and have a longer life.


  • Extreme lightweight: 1/3 of normal lead acid batteries
  • Quickest recharge: 90% recharge in less than 6 minutes, please use a dedicated lithium charger
  • Extreme high cranking:  30% better starting power than equivalent lead acid
  • Excellent cycle life: more than 1000 cycles
  • No spill, no maintenance: no acid so never any corrosion or mess
  • No Pollution: does do not contain acid or any heavy metals such as lead, cadmium or mercury
  • Longer charge free shelf life: more than 1 year (lead-acid 6 months)
  • Super high – temperature performances



Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 150 × 87 × 93 mm

Full Specifications

MODEL: Power Lithium Motorcycle Battery
BATTERY TYPE: Power Lithium Motorcycle
VOLTAGE: 12.8 volts
CCA (cold cranking amps): 400
AH (20 hr): 8
Length:   mm
Width:   mm
Height:   mm
Terminal Height:   mm
Height with Spacer: N/A
WARRANTY: 24 months Private Use



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